By Renae’s tally, she’s reversed at least 30 overdoses in the past few years. If being in a relationship with an addict brings you sadness, anxiety, and a sense of being trapped, it’s crucial to think of your own emotional well-being and get out. If you find yourself in a cycle of broken promises, where your loved one repeatedly says they’ll change or get help but never follows through, it shows that their addiction has a stronghold on them.

It’s a technique called micro-dosing that is increasingly in use at many medical centers. Would take tiny doses of Suboxone while she’s tapering off fentanyl, which can ease the transition to the new drug. Renae isn’t licensed to prescribe Suboxone, but either she or A. Renae says a half-dozen people she coached through micro-dosing Suboxone are still on it, and not fentanyl, two years later.

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These support groups offer partners and loved ones of addicts a place to share their experiences. This can help you learn from others who share a similar experience. These programs are great for people struggling with alcohol abuse or addiction. They’re also useful for those who have completed comprehensive treatment programs and need something to help them maintain sobriety.

loving an addict

Understand that addiction not only affects you but the people around you and that people care about you. It can feel overwhelming and uncomfortable bringing up addiction and rehab to your loved ones. It can lead to numerous serious negative health outcomes, cause strain on their relationships, and can make it extremely difficult to function daily. A person who is addicted cannot control drug use and will experience withdrawal symptoms if they stop using. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, addiction is a chronic brain disease characterized by compulsive drug seeking and use despite negative consequences.

Cultivating Compassion in the Relationship

She sat with Brooke for the shot, and stayed by Brooke’s side until Renae was sure Brooke was not going to overdose. For this decision, Renae says, there was no time for internal debates. About 200 people stop by the parks and vacant lots where Renae distributes needles and other supplies every week. She spends about a quarter of her income, or more than $1,200 a month.

  • I am constantly scared and worried it will take one bad thing and he will do it again.
  • I keep trying to change him, bring back the man i once knew.
  • There are some couples who go to treatment together, and it is possible to find rehab centers that will admit both of you at the same time to get addiction help.
  • Often loved ones of an addict will participate in a group of other people whose loved ones are an addict.
  • Setting boundaries can be complex, but sometimes tough love is the only way to maintain a relationship with someone with an addiction.

I was relieved and so when I needed to go abroad I though it would be ok. I was gone two weeks with his promises of making up for his mistakes while I was gone. I called him and his mum and eventually got a message saying he was sorry he’d hit the pipe and he had run loving an addict away too ashamed to see me. He’d changed the locks there was a card with ‘Happy Birthday I’m Sorry’. I was devestated I begged him to tell me where he was I went to the crack den I finally found him unable to walk in a shop doorway crying saying he wanted to die.

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