about us

As Blue Brokers, we are a company that in the field of real estate and specializes in the sale and investment of residential and commercial real estate (especially on land) in Northern Cyprus. Our management with 16 years of experience, provide services for buying, selling different types of real estate in Northern Cyprus. We actively continue our investment consultancy activities for our guests from Europe, the United Kingdom, Russia and Iran. We want to expand our cooperation and our worldwide representatives towards greater success.


We offer the best and most reliable consultancy to individuals and companies who want to buy, sell or rent real estate in Northern Cyprus. We work with a highly professional team- real experts on the field. In this way, we guarantee that you will make the right and risk-free investment, and acquire real estate property with the most affordable fees and the easiest methods.

Our difference from other real estate companies:

  • Strong communication: Generally, when customers are interested in a property, they excitedly call or send a message to the real estate consultant of the company responsible for the property. More than 50% of the time, the consultant either does not get back to them or says “I will reply to you” and does not get back at all. Blue Brokers never has such an attitude. The fastest and most accurate information is conveyed to customers.
  • High level technical knowledge: Although many institutions and individuals do this job on the island, there are only a few who can do it properly. Our team provides customers with the most accurate information by receiving support from expert survey and cadastre/map teams (our sister company). For example, customers are guided in the most accurate way by providing information received from the government institution about the exact size of the land, whether there are any violations, what is the road condition, and the zoning of the land.